Maintenance & Repair

Grewal Consulting is proud to partner with our sister company, Meow Meow Heavy Industries (MMHI) for all your electronics and heavy equipment maintenance and repair needs.

MMHI has extensive experience in the procurement, disassembly, repair, and resale of electronics and heavy equipment. MMHI works on a variety of products from consumer-grade electronics to commercial appliances and industrial machinery.

MMHI also has deep relationships with suppliers for both products and components and thus can negotiate to reduce your equipment acquisition or repair costs. MMHI usually receives discounts of 25%-60% on common parts.

Due to MMHI’s extensive experience with retail store equipment, we can easily diagnose most issues correctly the first time instead of going through trial and error like most other repair companies.

Beyond keeping your equipment up-to-date, MMHI also refurbishes old equipment for resale. Through our refurbishment process, you can gain a 200%-300% gain in equipment resale value beyond the refurbishment cost. Thus, saving you money and allowing you to invest in better equipment.

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Amit Grewal
Amit Grewal
Honors Master of Accounting

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