After evaluating your business' specific needs, Grewal Consulting researches the best solutions to fit your needs and budget. After finding the perfect fit, we set out to negotiate rock-bottom prices through our extensive relationships with suppliers in all sectors, from restaurant supplies to fuel systems.

We guarantee at least a 15% discount on any major product and regularly negotiate sellers down by as much as 75% of the fair value. While we can’t promise a 75% discount on everything, rest assured knowing our average discount ranges between 20%-35% on newer items and 40%-70% on older items.

We also offer resale services and can guarantee you top prices for your business' old equipment through our extensive network of equipment buyers. The expertise gained fron negotiating down your buying prices is used to prepare your equipment and minimize potential issues for a buyer. This refurbishment usually provides a return of double or triple the refurbishment cost.

Further enhancing our procurement and resale capabilities is the knowledge and relationships built by our sister company, Meow Meow Heavy Industries (MMHI). MMHI also provides electronics and heavy equipment repair for all your maintenance and repair needs.

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Amit Grewal
Amit Grewal
Honors Master of Accounting

Grewal Consulting provides corporate strategy, technology, and legal services.