Document Analysis

One of Grewal Consulting’s key legal services is the analysis of all business documents, and occasionally personal tax and legal documents.

We carefully scrutinize every detail, going over most important documents three times in their entirety to catch every mistake and opportunity.

Our analysis and scrutiny ensures your documents will be in compliance with all relevant legal bodies and that you will bear minimum, if any, liability while negotiating the most favorable terms.

In the past decade, Grewal Consulting has analyzed documents covering over $16 million, and drafted or significantly edited documents covering over $6 million for our business clients.

Grewal Consulting also offers legal review of personal tax and legal documents as a courtesy service to our valued business clients. In the past five years, we have reviewed or significantly edited personal documents covering over $3 million and drafted personal documents covering over $1.41 million.

In short, we have years of experience dealing with all manner of documents and can surely review yours!

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Amit Grewal
Amit Grewal
Honors Master of Accounting

Grewal Consulting provides corporate strategy, technology, and legal services.